Shankari Sundararaman

Shankari Sundararaman

Shankari Sundararaman

Shankari Sundararaman

Minority report

The recent military crackdown on the Kachin Independence Army in Burma (KIA) is again drawing attention to the need for more focused political reforms in Burma. Since the end of the ceasefire in June 2011, approximately 700 Kachin fighters have been killed (government sources claim the figure to be 300).

Stirrings in the Asean pot

As Vietnamese diplomat and former deputy foreign minister, Le Luong Minh, takes over as the secretary-general of Asean and Brunei assumes the Asean chair for 2013, it’s time to reflect on 2012 — a yea

Damning the Mekong

Over the last week the events relating to the building of the Xayaburi dam have once again surfaced in the Indo-China region.

Homeless in Burma

Even as the world watches the reforms shaping Burma, violence against Rohingya Muslims in last month’s ethnic clashes in Rakhine province once again brought the focus back on the troubled relationship

Elephant, dragon & the Burmese castle

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent three-day visit to Burma, from May 27 to 29, was historic not just because it took place 25 years after the last prime ministerial visit to that country, but also because it marks a shift in the way India is beginning to look at its role in the region.

Diplomatic flip-flops

Over the last few weeks the stand-off between China and the Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal, also known as the Huangyan Island, has once again brought international attention to the long-pending territorial disputes in the South China Sea. And now, with the presence and interest of the United States and the fact that over the past few months India, too, has been looking at assisting Vietnamese resource exploration in this region, new players and dimensions have been added to an already agitated dispute.

Changing equations

The byelections held in Burma on April 1, 2012, resulted in a victory for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Here’s how to rebuild political pagodas

While the politics that ravages Cambodia tends to make the headlines with the ongoing Khmer Rouge trials and the stand-off between the ruling party of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the Opposition under Sam Rainsy, there is another aspect of Cambodia’s history and current economy that needs to be looked at. As India and the region negotiate the move towards a free-trade agreement in the services sector, the opening up of the two country’s tourism sector will significantly push the level of interaction between Cambodia and India. For India and Indian tourists, Cambodia provides a treasure trove of India’s cultural linkages and historical ties which are alluring and breathtaking in their magnitude and splendour.

Burma’s march to democracy

In January, the European Union (EU) removed visa bans on Burmese political leaders, including the President and top government officials.

A regime on trial

The second case in the Khmer Rouge Trials, popularly called Case 002, began at the end of November 2011.

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