Sri Lankan pilot flew with two women in cockpit?

In a blatant disregard for aviation rules and ignoring passenger safety, the pilot of a Sri Lankan Airlines flight (No. UL 172) bound for Colombo from Bengaluru International Airport, allegedly allowed two women to accompany him in the cockpit for the entire length of the journey.

Passengers on the flight, which took off from BIA around 9.15 pm on Friday, claimed that the two women travelled in the cockpit all through. The passengers, who were worried about their safety, protested.

According to Gowtham Udayashankar, a Bengaluru resident, who travelled by business class on the flight, the two women got into the cockpit immediately after the flight took off from BIA.

“The women were in seat nos. 6C and 9E. They spent whole travel time inside the cockpit. Even though passengers repeatedly requested them to come out, they did not,” he said.

According to Udayashankar, the women, who were carrying bottles of beer in their hand, claimed that the pilot was their cousin.

“The flight landed around 11.25 pm and passengers are still at the airport protesting. We will lodge a complaint with the airline authorities on Saturday,” he told Deccan Chronicle from Colombo.


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The Captain had ti know the

The Captain had ti know the two wonen well to have taken the risk and breaking today's regulations. There was no terrorism risk. There was a lack of professionalism on his part for keeping them long because his focuss would have been on conversation rather than on his responsibilities in the event if an emergency. The Captain was wrong.

I'm in the Aviation industry

I'm in the Aviation industry myself, and I know for a fact no one is allowed in the cockpit without the permission of the Captain. At his discretion, he can allow anyone to visit the cockpit, or have them stay there throughout a flight, including a landing and take-off. I don't think it should bother other passengers, if they understand the meaning of Pilot in Command, he takes all the responsibility for his actions. Its funny to see stupid comments from people who don't know anything about flight safety. Like a pilot resting in the business class, which is a complete norm in long distance flights. Pilots know all about safety than idiots like you who are quick to bash any media stupidity. Just like any other job, the boss of an office, may or may not allow anyone into his office, specially if they were related, I think you guys are a bit nosy and need to mind your own business. What's more safety concerning was the protest made by other passengers, and you have no clue what the Capt can do about those passengers. You might want to study a bit more about air travel and air safety before jumping into conclusions like retards!

There we go again. It is

There we go again. It is Srilankan airlines where anything goes. There is noone to complain to. And even if you complein they'll deny it alltogether! A national cult of self denial is very apparent.

its normal family can

its normal family can

Did business class passengers

Did business class passengers felt turbulence?

This is not the first time -

This is not the first time - on two occasions while I was travelling on UL from MLE -CMB - The pilot allow two women to sit in the cockpit for the whole length of flight - being a night flight I was really worried and made a complain to the Secretory of CEO and Customer Relation Mgr - all nice words - but nothing happened - second time also I witnessed a male passenger is sitting beside me going into the cockpit and First Officer sitting beside me for the whole length of flight - What the these donkey Pilot think they are??? Can they break all norms at their will ?? - Saddest part of the story is Top management do not care or they are afraid of these Pilot donkeys

If you are related, you are

If you are related, you are allowed to do what ever you want---Legal or illegal
An unwritten rule in Sri Lanka

I am Flying at least two

I am Flying at least two times to SL a year. Sri lankan is not my choice due to safety issues.

This passengers were indians

This passengers were indians and that is why they were so stupid. it is a very normal practice that when a relative of a pilot is on board, can see the cockpit , they can visit the cockpit. of course no pilot will take unknown people to the cockpit. if pilot take tale someone to the cockpit, how come it will affect to the safety of the place.? stupid...

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