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Subject: PRESIDENT OF INDIA-- who and why ?
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2012 11:38:34 +0000
Reports are ripe that the UPA II has almost decided to field the name of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee as the next Presidnet of India . If he accepts , well , this may not bode well for the Present India passing under the most turbulent times.

I personally feel that in UPA Government today, if any COMPETENT person who is not so far embroiled in any scam or controversy , is the Pranab Da. He is not only fire fighter and one of he most efficient leader and task master who knows where actually the shoe pinches. He is also not afraid of taking 'Decisions or actions' which are necessary for good and effective Governance. Country's economy is in a "BIG MESS" today. But I personally feel ,Pranab da could have stemmed the rot, if it is left to his AUTHOIRTY. He is not afraid of the "Coalition Compulsions" , an excuse taken by the Prime Minister DR. M M Singh . MADAM who is "ALL IN ALL" in the Government can only not control remotely the P M Singh, who has been reduced to a mere 'Tool' in her hand to the entire Council of Ministers. Perhaps she is afraid of only one person to her all "Imposing" authority .And that person is none other than Pranab Mukherjee with his vast political acumen and statesmanship.

We are all aware, that the post of President of India is Powerful only on PAPER. He may be a "Constitutional Head ' , but in practice and reality only a "Titular Head' in our present system of Governance. His powers to ACT are limited and "Guided" by the ADVISE OF COUNCIL OF MINISTERS. And who is MANAGING THE DECISIONS OF COUNCIL OF MINISTERS, but only MADAM?
Dr. Singh is a 'Gone case' now as far as ACTION is concerned. But the same is not the case with Pranab M. In this crisis ,he is the only man to take 'Harsh Decisions' to save the Country, if he is given the baton of Prime Minister. But "Madam" thinks otherwise.She desires that for next 5 years, the competency for action be relagated to A POSTION WHICH IS HIGHEST IN THE COUNTRY but has no direct role in the GOVERNANCE
To me, ideally UPA should propose the name of PM Dr Singh for the President . He can be best suited that post. And this will also be a reward in his last few active years for faithful service to the nation. AND HE BE REPLACED IN THE SLOT THUS VACATED BY HIM viz; as the Prime Minister of India by Pranab MUkherjee. Then perhaps, I at least hope that THINGS WILL START MOVING for betterment of PEOPLE. If Sonia indeed makes Pranab da as President ,then India will lose a chance to revitalize the sagging spirits of the nation and a man of action will be reduced to a mere rubber stamp.

These are only my views, apolitical and only as a loud thinking. I expect vey few may find any substance in this. But I am just using my greatest democratic RIGHT TO EXPRESS what I feel.Every one can think differently and it may not be acceptable, that is another aspect of this Democracy.

Mohan Siroya

My 2 Cents So the "World Cup"

My 2 Cents

So the "World Cup" has been won to the tunes of Vande Mataram (AR Rehman version) and we-are-the-champions! oh what a feeling! On a perfect Bollywood scripted evening in the presence of all the stars - big, big-wigs and the small along with the entire electoral college of political winners and losers and a few thousand "general public" the country of billion lifted the ICC Cricket World Cup for the second time in 28 years. So as the 28 year-tired-people get back home and sleep through the next day after a night of fireworks, horn-honking and sweet-treating, ladies and gentlemen, its gifts time! Hold on - this is where the billion disappear - I don't mean billion Rupees, but the most part of the billion people - so apart from their modest salaries and the petty match fees and the humble winners pot, each player and the support-staff will get crores. EACH from several generous entities - mostly the Central government and the state government and any local government.

I have some calculations

I have some calculations which very often come true, as far as the match winner is concerned. Let me tell you, it is not fluke, it is based on some calculations based on the dress colours and few more things. I want to share this with you.

For Sunday Feb, 27, 2011, India vs England match I said before hand, this would be very tough decision.

Also for Wednesday March 2, 2011, before the game started between England vs Kenya, I said, Ireland would win. These two-three predictions of decision are encouraging me to write to you with my son’s insistence.

Usha Bedi

S NO DATE Matches between Place Expected Winner
1 4 Mar 2010 New Zealand Vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad Zimbabwe
2 4 Mar 2010 Bangladesh Vs West Indies Dhaka West Indies
3 5 Mar 2010 Sri Lanka Vs Australia Colombo Sri Lanka
3 6 Mar 2010 India Vs Ireland Bangalore India
4 6 Mar 2010 England Vs South Africa Chennai England
5 7 Mar 2010 Kenya Vs Canada Delhi Canada
6 8 Mar 2010 Pakistan Vs New Zealand Kandy Pakistan
7 9 Mar 2010 India Vs Netherlands New Delhi India
8 10 Mar 2010 Sri Lanka Vs Zimbabwe Kandy Sri Lanka
9 11 Mar 2010 Ireland Vs West Indies Mohali Tough play may be West Indies.
10 11 Mar 2010 Bangladesh Vs England Chittagong England
11 12 Mar 2010 India Vs South Africa Nagpur India (Tough competition)
12 13 Mar 2010 New Zealand Vs Canada Mumbai New Zealand(tough)
13 13 Mar 2010 Australia Vs Kenya Bengaluru Australia
14 14 Mar 2010 Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe Kandy Pakistan
15 14 Mar 2010 Bangladesh Vs Netherlands Chittagong Bangladesh
16 15 Mar 2010 South Africa Vs Ireland Kolkata Tough game like a draw
17 16 Mar 2010 Australia Vs Canada Bengaluru Australia
18 17 Mar 2010 England Vs West Indies Chennai England
19 18 Mar 2010 Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand Mumbai Sri Lanka
20 18 Mar 2010 Ireland Vs Netherlands Kolkata Netherlands
21 19 Mar 2010 Pakistan Vs Australia Colombo Pakistan
22 19 Mar 2010 Bangladesh Vs South Africa Dhaka Tough match
23 20 Mar 2010 Zimbabwe Vs Kenya Kolkata Zimbabwe
24 20 Mar 2010 India Vs West Indies Chennai Very tough game, may be West Indies

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