Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


The twain shall meet

If you go by the ways of the body, it knows only self-preservation and procreation; it is incapable of anything else. These are the only two aspects of the body.
If you go by the dimension beyond the physical, there is the longing to become boundless. Unfortunately, most of the time, trying to find physical expression to become boundless leads a man to all kinds of insatiable activity. If someone’s body is aching you cannot make them sit, can you? The body is aching. “Enough,” it says, but no, you must go to the top of the mountain and come down, because you always want to be a little more than what you are. This is a never-ending longing. This longing is not seeking for a little more; it is seeking for an ultimate expansion.

Don’t teach, just learn

Every child has the necessary intelligence to live his life fully.

The volcano of greed

Guru Nanak was a very compassionate and courageous man. Once he was travelling by foot, walking from village to village, offering his teachings to people.

Magical seed of rudraksha

Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree that usually grows at a certain altitude in the mountains — mainly in the Himalayan region. Rudraksha has a very unique vibration. You may have noticed that when you go to a new place, you fall asleep easily at some places whereas in certain other places you cannot fall asleep even if you are physically too tired.

Pain has a purpose

Using one’s energies to heal another person is a juvenile act. In the process of healing, they may cause great distress and damage to their own life, as well as to the other person. Whatever is happening to someone’s body is not accidental; it is happening through a certain process of cause and effect.
So, attempting any kind of pranic healing is very childish because there is a deeper process to whatever is happening to a human being.

An offer of gratitude

Tomorrow, this new moon day, is known as the Mahalaya Amavasya. It is the beginning of Dussehra. It is a special day dedicated to making an offering to express our gratitude to all the past generations of people who have contributed to our life.
Scientists say that human beings and their ancestors have lived on this planet for 20 million years. All these hundreds of thousands of generations have given us something or the other. The language we speak, the way we sit, our clothes — almost everything that we know today came to us from these generations.

The hungry scholar

The king of Yakshas was Kubera. The word kubera literally means richness. Though the king was slightly deformed, he made up for it by wearing extra jewels and kilos of gold and diamonds. And he wanted to do something similar to Shiva.
Every day he came up with a new jewel and said to Shiva, “You must wear this.” Shiva said, “The only thing that I wear is ash. I don’t need any jewellery.” But Kubera would not give up.

A game for life

India is a country where we have 365 different festivals for 365 days of the year, which means that the whole culture is in a state of celebration, always. Everything is a celebration. If today is ploughing day, it is celebrated. If tomorrow is planting day, another celebration. If day after tomorrow is weeding, that is another celebration. Harvesting, of course, is a very important celebration, though it has now slowly moved into a state of depression.

The art of sadhana

The nature of the mind is such that it always wants to accumulate. When it is gross, it wants to accumulate things, and when it becomes a little more evolved, it wants to accumulate knowledge. When emotion becomes dominant, it wants to accumulate people. But the basic nature remains the same. When a person starts thinking or believing that s/he is on a spiritual path, the mind starts accumulating spiritual wisdom.

Ego of belief

People are always questioning whether to believe in God or not to believe in God. If I ask you whether you believe you have two hands or tell you that you have them, even if you cannot see, you will say you have them because in your experience you know it is so.

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