Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


Fear of death

Questioner: My son is unable to cope with the death of his grandfather. How do I deal with this situation?
Sadhguru: Death is not a surprise. It does not take enormous intelligence and research, nor do you need education to find out whether you will die or not. It is inborn in every human being the moment s/he is born.

The monkey and the monk

Gnana means “to know”, not “to philosophise”. Unfortunately, philosophy is mostly being passed off as gnana yoga today. Fundamentally, if you want to pursue gnana, you need to be alert and have a sharp intellect. Every day and every moment one must slowly sharpen one’s intellect.

Seek grace from above

To help humanity towards the realisation of its higher possibilities, it is very important to understand how water, air, earth, fire and the fifth dimension, the largest one, the space or akash, behave. Today modern science has recognised that there is something called as akashik intelligence; that is, empty space has a certain kind of intelligence.

Tusker’s lesson for the lion

Question: Do I need to be spiritual because right now my life is going well?

Answer: As long as you live within the limitations of your body and mind, you will suffer in some way. If suffering has not come to you yet, you will experience it one day. Every suffering in the world need not happen to you but you have to realise it by yourself.

The wise & the fools

An intelligent man obeys whatever he recognises as being more intelligent than himself. Only a fool thinks that he must listen to his own self. But there is no such thing as your own. You didn’t create anything — there is nothing which you can claim to be yours. So where is the question of you obeying yourself? Everything you know is bits and pieces that you have gathered from everywhere.

Remain true to yourself

The basic virtue for any human being, whether it is a man or a woman, is to be true to oneself. When somebody is really true to themselves, functioning in the world becomes just a question of adjustment. One has to adjust to the situations that one has chosen to live with. What is a virtue? Only when you are truly empty are you virtuous.

You happy, all happy

You may have great intentions, you may have great ambitions, you may have many desires, but, fundamentally, everything that you do in this world spells out who you really are within.
One thing that I would like to remind you at this point is, in this world, on this planet, most of the harm, most of the pain and most of the suffering

Life is what you make of it

Only life can know life. A thought cannot know life. An emotion cannot know life. An ego cannot know life. Only life can know life. How can one claim to know life? If you stop being a bundle of thoughts, opinions and emotions and just exist here as life, just throbbing pulsating life, knowing life is just natural.
A state of enlightenment is to have greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation. Often people ask what is the state of enlightenment? It is To give spiritual or intellectual insight.

Deception of desire

Questioner: Sadhguru, I desire freedom, but the more I desire it why does it seem to be less obtainable?

Sadhguru: Generally people think freedom is physical. What freedom means for most people is “I become free from my work, my family and from all restrictions” — all that one thinks as restrictions — “if all these restrictions that bind me are gone, I become free”. But wanting to become free also becomes a bondage. The very desire is a bondage. The moment this desire arises in you, you are trapped in the bondage.

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