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Make a habit of being happy

I am a 35-year-old single woman. I have issues with my father who is very stubborn, irresponsible and always believes, trusts and depends on outsiders for everything and doesn’t discuss anything with the family.

Secure yourself as an individual

I am 18 years old and I want to start something new and on my own but my parents are against it. I need financial support. My dad is not very supportive and doesn’t approve of the idea. How shall I convince them or what else can I do?

A marriage doesn’t rest solely on love

I’m in love with a guy but the problem is that he is a Christian and I’m a Hindu. He is asking me to convert to Christianity. My parents are staunch Hindus and would never allow me to convert, neither do I want to change my religion. Even his mother was a Hindu but adopted Christanity as her religion when she got married. I promised him that I’m ready for a church marriage despite my parents’ disapproval, and I will raise our kids as Christians. I have explained to him about various provisions in the law that relate to marriages without conversion, but he pays no heed to it. I know that his parents will agree, but it’s he who has issues. His attitude towards me has been very suffocating, but I want to marry him because I love him. Of late, this issue has been troubling me. Please advise.

Communicate to find solutions

I want to become a computer engineer. I have already completed my Diploma and now want to continue my Bachelor in Engineering. However, the problem is that my parents are not allowing me to study further. I am from Rajasthan and most of the people here are not really interested in higher studies. My dad also feels the same. He doesn’t want me to work. Since I love him a lot, I don’t want to go against him. What should I do?

Difficult times strengthen you

I am living with a widow, who is HIV positive, and her two children since last few weeks. I haven’t told my family members about this as I have an unmarried sister and this may have a negative effect on her marriage prospects. After my sister gets married, I want to marry this woman. The two children are really affectionate towards me. They think of me as their dad and I too take care of them in the same way. We both love each other a lot. I feel guilty sometimes about hiding my feelings from my family. I keep thinking if society will accept our relationship. Please advise.

Make a habit of being positive

I am an 18-year-old girl. I have completed my Inter second year in medical stream. I always wanted to become a doctor. The first time, I could not succeed in the MBBS exam, and took up a long-term course to give it another try. But I have lost the seat again by 10 marks and 30 ranks. I belong to the general category, there is no reservation for me. I am totally depressed. I’m even getting suicidal thoughts. Please advise.

Listen to the inner voice for guidance

I’m a 21-year-old guy. I have never really had a drink in my life, although I have always been curious and have thought about trying it for the experience. Most of my friends have pretty crazy stories starting with “That time I got drunk,...” and some of those fun things they did. I would never imagine doing them sober but I think those things make for a better/more interesting life experience. Also, at social events, I tend to not loosen up as much as those who are drinking. I want to try alcohol. But my parents have been really good to me and if they come to know that I drink, they would be devastated. What should I do?

Don’t run after the wrong things

I became friends with a girl recently. But after sometime discovered that she already has a boyfriend. But we started chatting and I really liked her innocence. We started sharing everything without any inhibitions within days. She developed a soft corner for me because I told her that I have never chatted with a girl before her. We became friends on Facebook where she discovered that there’s one girl in my friends’ list. Prior to this she had mentioned that she doesn’t like guys befriending many girls. And soon after discovering this she told me that her parents are creating trouble for her and she cannot talk to me. I guess she is avoiding me. I feel bad that I lost her trust. Can you please help me?
Hari Krishna

Highs and lows make life special

I am not physically fit and feel a complex in front of the camera while acting. Can you please guide me on how can I do better?

Make a difference with your presence

I’m a 26-year-old boy and have just completed my post-graduation. I fell in love with a girl during my college days and we were together for almost four years. But recently, her parents selected someone and want her to marry him. Since I am not well settled, we decided to break up. It’s been more than a month now, and I have started missing her. I am preparing for government jobs and am not able to concentrate on my studies. I don’t want to call and disturb her. But I want to settle down in life with a good job. Can you please help me handle this situation?

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